Frequently Asked Questions

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How is this different than other diets?

This is not a diet.  There are no meal plans, no hard and fast rules, no gross health foods that you don’t want to eat, and no major overhauls to the way you eat all at once.  Instead, I use a faith-based approach that not only focuses on the physical changes taking place, but also on your mental, spiritual, and emotional health as well. You will receive daily lessons to teach you how to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs (eating good food) while also learning to listen to your body so you don’t overeat.  It is all about making small incremental changes so that they become habits you can maintain for life.

Why do I need a coach?

Not everyone does, but most people do need support and accountability to achieve anything.  If we agree that we are a good match to work together, I will help you reach your individual goals by offering ideas and strategies to help you, keeping you accountable for your daily behaviors that lead to the goals you desire, trying to get rid of the roadblocks that have kept you from succeeding before, and offering prayer and insights from my own faith and fitness journey.  Sometimes you may need encouragement, sometimes a kick in the pants to keep moving forward, and sometimes just an ear to listen – that’s what I will do.

Who is Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition is home to some of the best nutritionists, researchers, strength coaches, and specialists in their field. Since 2005 they have been coaching clients and have helped over 100,000 people lose weight and change their lives. While not affiliated with Precision Nutrition, I have been certified as a nutrition coach by them and use their exact online coaching curriculum in my own faith-based coaching program.

Who is your coaching program for?

My coaching program is for women and men who want to:

  • lose weight (fat) - whether it’s a little or a lot

  • learn how to eat better

  • get healthier, even if you don’t need or want to lose much weight

  • get results that are sustainable long term so you can quit dieting for good

  • improve their overall health - mental, spiritual, emotional, as well as physical

  • learn to be confident in yourself - the choices you make and your body

  • have someone to keep them accountable so they can be consistent

Who is your coaching program NOT for?

My coaching program is not for you if you are: a bodybuilder or fitness model, a professional or high-level athlete, someone looking for a quick fix, or someone who does not need accountability to be consistent.

How much does it cost?

My program is designed as a year-long program, but you do not need to commit to the full year up front if you don’t want. I do require at least a four-month commitment. The first four months will take you through all the foundation habits of how and what to eat, and then you can choose to continue or stop. The remainder of the year will solidify those habits, dive deeper into them, and add lifestyle habits that also affect your weight and overall health and wellness such as sleep, stress management, fitness, etc. The monthly rate is $59/month for 12 months or one payment of $590 for the year. For the 4-month program, the rate is $59/month or one payment of $220 up front.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I absolutely stand by my work. If you stick with me for a full year and follow my recommendations and are not satisfied with your results, I will refund your money.

Will you give me a meal plan or will I need to take supplements?

No, and no. I will not give you a meal plan because they are restrictive and actually perpetuate the diet roller coaster. Instead, you will learn how and what to eat, focusing on mainly whole nutrient-dense foods, so that you can make your own choices (and feel confident in them), develop a healthy relationship with food (instead of stressing and obsessing), and include the foods you love without feeling deprived. You will even learn how to plan in indulgences. Supplements will be discussed and maybe recommended, but they are just that - supplemental, not required. I do not sell or push supplements.

I’m really busy right now. Should I wait until I have more time?

Absolutely not! My program is designed to fit your life, not the other way around. You will focus on only ONE habit at a time with daily lessons to keep you on track. Every two weeks you will add a new habit that builds on the previous one. And since most people don’t want more work on the weekends, you will not have a lesson on Saturdays, and Sundays will be for reviewing the week and planning for the one ahead. Besides, there will never be a perfect time to start. You will always be busy. Take that first step.

What if I have an injury or condition that keeps me from exercising or doing certain things?

Everything is done on an individual basis.  You will fill out a questionnaire before we start, including any injuries or conditions, to determine the type of program we will proceed with. 

How long is the program?

The program is designed to be a 12-month program because I know that it takes time to make lasting, sustainable changes. There are payment options to pay monthly using automatic billing, or you may prepay for four or 12 months to take advantage of considerable savings!


Do you still have questions? I'm happy to talk with you and answer them! Contact me!